One Oasis Condominium – The New Pride of Davao

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One Oasis Davao

Filinvest developed a world-class condominium consisting of 6 buildings situated in a 2.29 hectare-property along Ecowest Drive in Ecoland Subdivision, Matina, Davao City. Adjacent to (beside) SM City Davao and is easily accessible through public transport along Quimpo Boulevard. Each building has five levels with a basement and a rooftop. Each level will have 24 condo units.

clubhouse and pool

clubhouse and pool

Local residents and foreigners alike can own a piece of this property. The following are the amenities of the condominium:
  • Guarded gates
  • Clubhouse
  • Gardens
  • Swimming Pool
  • Basketball court
  • Parks & Playground
  • Mini-golf
  • Gazebo
  • 1 Elevator per building, two stairways
  • All units with free laundry area @ Roof Deck Level
  • Parking Slots available at Ground Floor Level

aerial view of one oasis

Below are the floor plan of condo units:


typicsl 1 bedroom unit


For sample price computation, site tripping and other information about One Oasis, please contact Thel at 09287999923 or landline number (082) 3024160 or email at


Advantages of Investing in a Condominium

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Investing in a condominium is a good decision. Location is primarily important. Davao is the prime choice when choosing to buy a condominium because of the peace and order of the city and fast-rising development.

Condominiums are often considered to be one of the good real estate investment options to build equity. You can buy a condominium either to live in or to rent it out. Another name for luxury and grandeur, condominiums are often leased for sale. These individual units of accommodation can also be renovated as apartments and town houses which are used for commercial purposes. Those who buy condominiums share rights inside the vicinity such as club houses, hallways and swimming pools. Maintenance of condominiums often lies with the condominium association. Due to its many advantages it is popular not only among the elderly people but also among young professionals and small families. Some of the advantages of condominiums which make it a good investment option are as follows:

Buying condominiums is a good investment option particularly for those who are investing for the first time. Compared to standalone homes condominiums are cheaper. This makes condominiums a good option when investing for the first time. The reason for its lesser price may be that a condominium doesn’t have its own separate yard. Also, it is easier to get a loan for a condominium than for a traditional home.

If you are single, living on your own, and are very busy with your career, it would be a good idea for you to get a condominium unit instead of buying a home in the suburbs. There are many advantages in buying a condominium unit, especially if the place is near your workplace. First, condominium units are usually located within the city and could be very accessible for you. This is especially if you tend to work until late in the evening at the office.
Second, a condominium unit is designed to accommodate your busy lifestyle. It can have some amenities that you can enjoy like a common swimming pool, a fitness center, and a lounge. This helps if you want to swim, exercise, or simply relax after a busy day in the office. However, these amenities do not usually come for free and you will need to pay for these services on top of your regular condominium payments in most cases.

Another advantage of living in a condominium is that it is more practical than living in an apartment. Unlike an apartment, where you pay rent monthly and never have the chance to own the unit you are living in, a condominium unit can be yours right after you have fully paid the purchase price. The unit that you get becomes yours and you can do anything with it, subject to the rules and regulations of the condominium administrators. So, if you want to redecorate your condominium unit right after to move to it, you can do so, since you own the place.

A condominium is considered to be an excellent option for those who travel a lot. If you leave your home and go away on business you may return to face a large number of problems in your home due to your long absence. Problems such as burglary or graffiti and so on may take place due to your absence from your home. But in a condominium it is difficult to commit a crime because of the presence of a large number of residents within a small area.

 A condominium would also be the best option for you if your kids don’t stay much at home. It has been observed that the requirement for a big house disappears once your kids leave you and go away to start their own independent lives. Thus most of the parents prefer to downsize to a condominium and make use of their cash for an early retirement. This trend is increasing day by day.

A standalone home calls for a lot of maintenance in order to keep it in a proper shape. On the contrary, condominiums need very little maintenance. Besides, with the constant care and attention offered by home owners association maintaining your condominium is much easier. It makes your stay quite hassle-free and relaxing.

The above facts about condominiums are convincing enough to decide in favor of an investment in condominiums. Usually the condos are popular because it is considered to be one of the best choices for a beginner. Also, home owners associations (HOAs) maintains strict standards which may bother a few easy-going careless tenants but it is undoubtedly an added advantage for the owners. Maintenance of a suburban property is a huge task for its owner. It is not so in the case of a condominium.
Usually the motive or the driving force behind investment in real estate is appreciation in the value of a property. With the increasing popularity of condominiums its value is also rising. Growing population and changing lifestyles are going to increase the demand for condominiums in years to come. Thus investment in condos is highly advantageous.